Women Leaders in
Food, Fine Beverage & Hospitality

The Brock Circle Guiding Principles

Of the Brock Circle’s collected funds,, 60% is held in an investment account.

The 40% of The Brock Circle’s previous year’s donations can be depleted annually and used at the discretion of the Board of Directors for the enhancement of the annual conference experience and other strategic needs.

The decision on how the funds are spent must be approved by a super majority (8 Board members out of 10) vote of the Board and following the guiding principles:


  1. Annual Conference: Funds can only be spent on LDEI Annual Conference Enrichment which can include:
    1. Keynote speaker
    2. Session speaker
    3. Cooking competition or other conference activity outside the normal structure that is designed to engage attendees, highlight Partners, and overall add value to the experience
    4. Accreditation for Continuing Education hours with ACF or other relevant association
  2. Criteria: Spending must meet some of the following criteria:
    1. Will this attract more attendees to conference?
    2. Will this garner media attention/recognition for LDEI?
    3. Will this improve the LDEI Brand?
    4. Will this add value to the majority of attendees?
    5. Will this attract and/or retain Partners/Sponsors?
  3. Spending is not to be used for:
    1. President’s dinner at the annual conference
    2. Closed or small group sessions
    3. Anything outside of the guidelines of LDEI spending for speakers, i.e. not additional travel, dining, upgrades or other “perks”
    4. Any individual members of the board or members at large
    5. Committee work


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